Be an Amsterdammer

For those who say “been there, seen that, done that” we offer this exclusive service:  live an Amsterdam life like a local. Don’t wait in line like tourists do, go beyond tourism and become an Amsterdammer. Then you can truly say “IAmsterdam”.

Your private canal tour in a regular boat, provided with beverages and snacks. An experience never to forget. The tour starts at B&B Bloom in Schellingwoude and you decide where to go: into town for diner, or in the direction of the wide open water for a natural swim. Everything is possible.

You want to avoid tourist coaches: our neighbour bikeshop rents out e-bikes for easy and fast transport to places in and around larger Amsterdam. With a little effort everyone can drive 30 km/h. Imagine where that can bring you. The modern Amsterdammer uses the e-bike for commuting.

Is that not what you’re looking for? Then maybe this is:

Flying with your own helicopter to an event or restaurant? Well, it’s possible.
Your helicopter will pick you up at your location and fly you and your company to the event of choice; where it will then land as close as possible. You will make no concessions and a pleasant stay is guaranteed. check it out

With B&B Bloom you’ll see Amsterdam like no other tourist will.