Learn more about the village where B&B Bloom is located

schellingwouderkerkThe old church is often booked for a romantic wedding ceremony. The intimacy and privacy is typical for the village and character of B&B Bloom.

Its the wonderful combination of the friendly village within the city. In previous times Schellingwoude was inhabited mainly by fishermen and farmers. After the flood in 1916 when the dikes broke, the community could not finance the repairs and asked the big city of Amsterdam for help. Since then Schellingwoude was part of Amsterdam but until today it kept its own village structure reaching out to the city and on the other side touching the countryside of Waterland.


The locks are part of the “Delta works”, the huge water engenering plan that ensures the Dutch of dry feet. The locks are a great place to watch beautiful ships pass by real close. The locks are used by freighters, private yachts and an incidental tall ship, when they travel to and from the lake district in Friesland.



1200px-View_of_RansdorpWaterland is the name of the region north of Amsterdam. You can guess how they came up with the name. The well-preserved villages in the surroundings provide for historic scenes when you go sight seeing. The combination of meadows, big open water and the dike give you stunning views of typical Dutch landscapes. No wonder the Dutch masters were inspired to paint them.